Artist Statement

My drawings and paintings are a collection of portraits, figures and still life that are presented in a cataloged format. Inspired by the ephemeral nature of life, subjects are depicted in part, as refined forms caught in a single moment of clarity; A process that I call “Life Distilled”. By rendering areas of detail while also leaving others areas unresolved, I attempt to make paintings that point to a place between the fixed and the fleeting and that create a sense of time. Whether through a person’s eyes or through a layer of glass, I attempt to “draw out” something that is beyond the subject’s surface and is in fact, beyond seeing itself.

I am exploring drawing and painting with graphite, water colors and water mixable oils on gessoed hardboard and water color paper surfaces. Applying the two water-based mediums over a graphite drawing creates a play between the randomness of the paint application and the control of my artistic direction; one that is crafted to appear aged and weathered while simultaneously looking vibrant and fresh. I like to think of the paintings as being artifacts that have been unearthed and that have a history. Like discovering a long lost Italian fresco painting on an old plaster wall.

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