On The Path

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I have never let my schooling interfere with my education. — Mark Twain


Seeing with Insight

As someone who likes to draw and paint portraits, I have learned to move from a the act of looking to an act of seeing. For me, looking simply implies noticing the surface of a subject, where seeing implies sensing something beyond or beneath the surface; A kind of sixth sense or insight. Whether looking at ourselves or being looked at by someone else, the feeling can be cold and intrusive, where as seeing or being seen has a warmth and implies understanding or being understood.

Awake at the Wheel

One of my 2018 summer projects was to design a book cover. I was so grateful to be given this opportunity by my friend and teacher, Steve Earle, for his new book titled Awake at the Wheel – Norio Kushi’s Highway Adventures and the Unmasking of the Phantom Self. His book introduces us to Norio Kushi, a truck driver who shares several insights he acquired along his highway adventures that awakened him to what it truly means to be human.

Here is the Amazon synopsis, and you can access the full Amazon page by clicking on this link. “Norio Kushi’s insights, the windfall of long hours on the road, are the stuff of practical wisdom. The ability to question one’s reality is the first requisite of evolutionary change. Awakening—you might also call it spiritual transformation or enlightenment—is neither a solution to life’s problems nor a goal to be achieved through personal endeavor but, rather, a ground zero, a place to come from if one is to live a productive and fulfilling life. This is the story of Norio Kushi’s journey, how he was born in New York City to Japanese parents, Michio and Aveline Kushi, how he grew up and came of age within the eccentric surroundings of the Boston macrobiotic community of the 1960s and 1970s, and how, since then, he has consistently been guided by his intuition.” (Amazon)