Artist Statement

My figure’s are observed, measured, and incomplete. They are presented as part of the architecture of a space, and are somewhat drawn in an architectural manner themselves. 

They are part of an overall fabric of mark making, and live as a kind of lost and found expression. The figure is presented as if it’s structurally connected to the space it’s in, while also in part appearing to emerge from the space as something more resolved. 

The artworks themselves, are composed of line, shape, and form relationships that visualize the multiple intersections of the drawing process. The figure is presented as my primary narrative vehicle, and is seen both partially constructed and partially deconstructed. It is used to explore several underlying themes that evoke meaning, feelings, and memories.

The collections consist of drawings made with a variety of media, including: graphite, charcoal, Conte crayon, ink, and gouache on paper. Using line and mark making the works are intended to simultaneously appear crude and sophisticated and to honor the hand made process that is at the heart of my personal visual language.